Thursday, 1 March 2012

Robert IV de la Marck

On March 1, 1539, Françoise de Brézé, Diane’s eldest daughter, married Robert IV de la Marck in the Louvre Chapel in Paris.
An undated portrait of Robert IV de la Marck

Robert IV de La Marck ( 1512-1556 ), was the Duc de Bouillon, Comte de Braine, and a Prince of Sedan. He was the son of Robert III de La Marck and Guillemette de Saarbrücken. Robert and Françoise had nine children.

Robert was a captain of the Hundred Swiss of the King's Guard. When Henri became King in 1547, he raised him to the office of marshal of France.
A portrait by Corneille de Lyon, c1550

In 1553 Robert was taken hostage at Therouanne, where he was very badly treated by the Spanish. His ransom was fixed at such a high sum that was eventually released on his honor to raise the money. Françoise was forced to sell much of her inheritance from her father. He was released from prison, but tragically he died on his way back home.  He was buried at St. Lawrence, Sedan.
Chateau de Sedan, as it appears today

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