Thursday, 22 December 2011

Diane's Tapestries at Anet

This morning I received an email from a woman in England who wanted to know if the tapestries I wrote about in A Portrait in Black and White actually exist. They do, and are the subject of an article by Gail Patricia Lloyd: 

All of Diane's homes had magnificent tapestries, yet it the ones of Anet which capture our imaginations!

Whatever happened to them after Diane's time? In the 1700s, the tapestries were bought by Genoa's Grillo family. 

  • In 1860, Ferdinand Moreau purchased four of them for his restoration of Anet.
  •  Jupiter Changing the Inhabitants of Lycia into Frogs, The Death of Orion, The Death of Meleager, and Diana Saves Iphigenia are the property of the French government and hang at Anet.

  • Diana Imploring Jupiter for the Gift of Chastity has been at the Musée des Antiquitiés in Rouen since 1898.
  • The Drowning of Britomaris and The Blasphemy of Niobe were part of the Whitney collection, and were donated to New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1942. 
  • The Triumph of Diana is in a private collection.


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